About Us

Institute of Skills is headquartered at Bangalore. We are driven by the vision of a 21st century India that is constituted of effective people and worthy citizens. 

Institute of Skills focuses on teaching the techniques of transforming personality. We help our clients – students, young executives, and in fact anyone keen to develop an effective and dynamic personality. 

What differentiates us is our special focus for Personality Development of the students, complementing their academic education and enabling them to develop multifaceted holistic personalities and career skills. We are deeply motivated by the desire to bring a revolutionary change in the lives and capabilities of India’s youth – its young men and women who are the future of this great nation.

We see ourselves as progressive group of passionate synergistic professionals to transform the lives of people we meet.

Why choose us

One stop solution

From students to professionals, from development to wellness, we understand your needs and are always ready to serve.

Passionate facilitators

Our team of dedicated and passionate professionals enjoy connecting people with to help and transform our customers.

Interactive learning experience

We build programs that cater to targeted audiences and provide a real world interactive learning experience

Participative and Collaborative

Our counselors strive to give you an inclusive experience to meet your needs through careful consultation

Uniquely Customised Programs

We understand the psychology and aspirations of our audience, hence customize our programs as per the audience

Great Value

We offer very comprehensive custom designed programs that are competitively priced

Our mission

The inception of Institute of Skills is to be a one stop junction for any one looking to sharpen their skills for personal and professional success. To be the bridge between the dreamers and the achievers, to be an enabler to help individuals better themselves and embark the journey of realising their potential. 

We know our customers inside and out to create powerful programs that will significantly impact their lives, entrust them to be responsible towards themselves and the nation.

Our experience

Student Development 90%
Employee Development 75%
Aptitude Development 70%
Wellness Counselling 72%

Our team

Looking to develop your personality?