emotional wellness

The scary statistics of emotional wellness among the youth is shedding light on the importance of wellness counselling. Especially, when 37.7%, 13.1% and 2.4% youth suffer from moderate, severe and extremely severe depression and the scariest number is that 11% of students have attempted suicide, counselling and right emotional guidance is required to be redirected towards the students and youngsters in a large scale. We take emotional wellness very seriously and offer a credible counselling to cater to the emotional needs of students.

A healthy mind always produces healthy results and developments bringing good to oneself and the environment. Attending to depression problems is as necessary as to attending to physical issues. Our counselling is not only in case of depressions but situations like lack of motivation and passiveness is also guided.

Counselling Services

Personal Counselling

You may be fighting a silent battle in your mind, it can be overwhelming sometimes. Our counsellors are there to see that turbulence through.

Academic Counselling

Educational counselling to ensure you have the right support and guidance to choose the right specialization or course

Career Counselling

We strongly believe that you shouldn’t waste your time on roads if you were made for boats. Choosing the right career can be treaky, we are there to help

Online Counselling (coming soon)

We don’t want physical proximity to limit our influence to help you. We are working on an online tool, which can connect you with us any time, any place.

why students choose us


Counselling is completely confidential, no information would be shared to third party without consent


The tools used and techniques taught are simple and easy to understand and imbibe in real life


Our counsellors have the right kind of expertise to help you and guide you impactfully

Benefits of personal counselling


Counselling helps to cross the depression and anxiety that affects the peaceful life and productivity


Counselling can give a new perspective to life that you may have never considered before


Talking to counselors can help you reassess life and find meaning

Problem solving

Counselling can help you to zero on the problems and figure out a solution

Benefits of career counselling

Expert advice

Get comprehensive advice on academics and career from professional minds


Our career assessment tools can help you understand your strengths, interests and your motivational drivers


A professional guidance to choose the right path and getting motivated to outperform in the field


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