Career Coaching

With a strong belief that everyone is made for a purpose, our aim is to discover our innate abilities and use those to build a happy, prosperous and fulfilling career.  We believe in altering the status quo in the world of career orientation, people who are meant for boats should not waste their time on roads. On one side, with the vast majority of people stuck in wrong jobs or careers, no wonder the world celebrates weekends more than Mondays.  And on the other side, young aspiring students are stuck in courses they don’t find value and hence confused with the choice of right careers that can leverage their abilities. We also take cognises of the plight of parents who are worried about their child’s future.
Our services are designed to help you find a fulfilling career which makes you find joy everyday rather than wait for Friday.

A global poll conducted by Gallup,  uncovered not so surprising findings, majority of the people are unhappy in their jobs.

Coaching Solutions

Career Launch
Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, its best you identify the right career that suits your personality and abilities which also complies with your inner drive. We can help you with tools to identify your strengths and opportunities with a career inventory towards you starting your dream career.
Resume Coaching
Resumes are not just 2 sheets of random facts, it is one of the most important document which positions you as a viable candidate for the job you apply. We can help you design concise and relevant resumes which will represent your experience, skills and achievements, which will help you attract prospective employers.
Interview Coaching
Every interview is an opportunity to present yourself in the best light to secure the job, yet most people approach this opportunity as a threat, making this an uncomfortable and nervous experience. We can help you overcome those jitters and embrace the eustress to ace interviews and land that dream job.
LinkedIn Coaching
LinkedIn is not Facebook (with a tie) or just another social networking platform, its a place which brings all professions together and professionals under one roof, giving you an opportunity to build a personal brand and get noticed. We can help you leverage this platform for career development and seeking the right jobs
Career Transition
Feeling lost or hating your current job is not wrong, not taking any action to change that is. Career is a journey, when you realise that your journey is heading towards a wrong direction, we stop and change course towards the right direction. We can help you make that necessary transition into a more fulfilling career.
Academic Coaching
Picking the right education stream is no joke, we don’t believe in one course being more special than the other, students shouldn’t pursue education based on scope, especially when they don’t see any hope in pursuing it. We can help you pick a course/specialisation that suits your personality and aligns with your passions and goals.

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Expert Advice

Get comprehensive advice on academics and career from professional minds


A professional guidance to choose the right path and getting motivated to outperform in the field


More options pop up with more opinions when the situation appears like there are no options

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Contact us to book an appointment with our career coaches

Understanding your need

A brief call to understand your needs and requirement to lay foundations of focus.

Addressing the focus area

Coach or mentor on the decide focus area, to accomplish the set goals together.

Follow up for progress

We care about meeting your goals as much as you do, we also follow up with you to celebrate your victories and guide you further if needed.