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Company overview

Institute of Skills (formerly known as Leaders Ladder) is headquartered at Bangalore. We are driven by the vision of a 21st century India that is constituted of effective people and worthy citizens.

We shape personalities of people, enabling them to evolve and develop good  attitude, behaviour, character, drive and emotional stability essential for their success. By conducting workshops both in-house and outbound for professional and personal development as well as coaching for happiness, emotional wellness and overall wellbeing.

We see ourselves as progressive group of passionate synergistic professionals to transform the lives of people we meet.

Our Vision

The inception of Institute of Skills is to be a one stop junction for any one looking to sharpen their skills for personal and professional success. To be the bridge between the dreamers and the achievers, to be an enabler to help individuals better themselves and embark the journey of realising their potential.

We want to understand our customers needs inside and out to create powerful programs that will significantly impact their lives, entrust them to be responsible towards themselves and the nation.

Our Calling

Our Calling
How can we help you?

Contact us for any query on training or coaching. You can also submit an inquiry online.

“Our association is almost a decade now, the team at Institute of skills amplifies the right passion for making students skilled, employable and has helped us in placing students in their dream job year on year.”

Preeti Bhandary
Manager - Placements and Corporate Relations, Jain University,

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