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Looking to develop your personality?

Unleash the dynamic YOU

Our 12 weeks open workshop focuses on bridging the skill gap which will impact your personal and professional lives.

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Unleash the confident YOU

Our 8 weeks program takes you through multiple skills essential to scale your personal levels of confidence

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Unleash the productive YOU

Our 4 weeks programs help you become more productive, come and learn to apply easy to use techniques to manage time and life

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Our Services

Open Workshops

We understand your specific need for personal and professional development. And offer varied workshops to help and develop your current and future needs.

Student Development

We provide range of programs on personal and career development skills from the ground up and support them to make the necessary transition

Aptitude Development

We provide aptitude based training programs for students to enable the participants to acquire knowledge and competencies in order to guide them towards  job placements

Employee Development

We provide varied training solutions that add real value by improving corporate employees’ skills, productivity and boost the employee moral.

Outbound Learning

We provide experience-based outdoor development programs for youth and adults. Utilize nature as an enabler for professional and personal development.

Wellness Counseling

We provide emotional wellness and counselling services to help our clients in improving well being and cope up with personal and professional challenges

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  • Is personal branding for YOU?

    In a global population of more than 6 billion people, being unique, recognized and remembered is not an easy task to accomplish.  However, each of the 6 billion people ARE unique in their own way. It’s amazing to know that there can be 6 billion differences in the world and still there are riots on

    January 6, 2018
  • Do you Multi-task?

    Are you wondering who would be such a nerd to make a mistake in writing a simple proverb and display it on the title in big, bold fonts? Or, you were actually able to interpret the meaning in the transposition? Then, you must be enlightened in this concept already. As a last option, have you

    December 14, 2017
  • Success a catalyst to Failure?

     “Success can be a catalyst for failure” You must’ve heard of the proverb “Failure is the stepping stone for success”. But, the vice versa must be a bit skeptical for you. Have you done a skillful task successfully once and have struggled to continue it further successfully with the same perfection and care? The best

    December 13, 2017
  • “Empty” can give you a “master piece”

    “An empty canvas is always the best space to create something.” Most of us, at some point of time have felt that we are good at nothing and we feel empty, unable to pick the direction in which we want to travel. Your mind voice might start feeling anxious about the fact that the destination

    December 12, 2017