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In the ever changing environment we live in today, technology is changing faster than most can adapt to, the competition is getting fierce with each passing day, driving a massive need for up-skilling and re-skilling of workforce, while most of the focus is on technical and cognitive skills as they impact on the bottom line and work processes, another set of skills have risen in demand for driving organisational success and profitability commonly referred as soft skills or enterprise skills. Building on the old cliche People are hired for their hard skills (technical skills) and fired for their soft skills, is partially true these days, as there is a growing focus on soft-skills even in the hiring process.

“Lack of training is as fatal as bad hiring, leading to increase in conflicts, decrease in productivity, unhappy customers and ultimately impacting the business”

We understand the need for skills in todays workforce as 90% of jobs in India are skill based and the skill-gap is ever widening as only 6% of the workforce is trained in India. While we do not discriminate between hard-skills and Soft-skills as they are essential for an organisation and employees success, we focus on the latter more. With the rise in AI and disruptive technologies the fear of machines taking over many jobs is more real than ever, that’s why skills that the machines cannot perform are on the rise, soft skills which are hard for the machines to emulate. And with the rapidly changing work environment, success is all about primitive adaptation to change and we can help your workforce with the necessary skills essential for the organisational success and the success your employees.

Contributors to Job Success

According to Research by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center.

Need for personality development

Soft skills are as important as technical skills, its significance is highly transparent in the current scenario:
  • While soft skills (employability skills, enterprise skills)  are hard to measure, they are easy to experience.
  • Training has a cost so does ignoring it.
  • Many times lack of enterprise skills render technical skills unworthy.
  • Automation is lead to more jobs that rely on soft skills
  • Soft skills act as catalyst for business sustenance and growth.
  • Mastering soft skills gives huge boost to self-confidence and individual success.

Our Model

We believe everyone has a purpose of existence and life becomes more meaningful and fruitful once we stumble on that discovery. Like wise, many of our programs help participants identify themselves in terms of personality, behaviour and communication.
Our actions today impact our lives in days to come. Our future is utilised or wasted depending on how we empower our abilities. Likewise our programs helps participants identity and execute essential skills which will make them efficient and effective with people, time and surroundings.
Knowingly aware that efforts meet results, we help participants leverage this abilities towards personal growth and the growth of the organisation.

Offerings List

Offered both in person and virtual, based on your requirement. While all programs  in-house, we also deliver selected topics outbound as well.

Impactful Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Aspire to Inspire

Presentation Skills

Habits for Success

Work-Life Balance

Creativity and Problem Solving

Customer Service

Leadership Skills

Stress Management

Campus to Corporate

Time Management

Email Etiquettes

Managerial Effectiveness

Team Work

Note – This is not an exhaustive list, your needs decide our focus.
How can we help you?

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“Our association is almost a decade now, the team at Institute of skills amplifies the right passion for making students skilled, employable and has helped us in placing students in their dream job year on year.”

Preeti Bhandary
Manager - Placements and Corporate Relations, Jain University,

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