Happiness Coaching

Happiness Coaching

Am I happy?
Can I be sad and happy at the same time?
What is happiness?
How can I be Happier?
Are these some of the questions that you want answers to?
The times we live in seem undoubtedly the best of times compared to previous generations, from the standard of living, sources of entertainment many might argue these are the happiest of times and yet the stress levels of people are on the rise, people are more anxious and depressed than ever before.
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic the world (especially India) was/is experiencing a silent pandemic that is attacking our mental health.  In the world happiness index India stands at an alarming position of 139th (2021), while we doing well economically why is there a decline in the happiness levels ?
People say money can buy happiness, we are told to work hard, if you work hard, you will be successful and when you become successful you will be happy. Unfortunately this rat racer mindset is one of the biggest contributors to unhappiness.
Our Aim – Lead the happiness revolution in India, by helping people increase their happiness quotient.
While we all work hard setting and accomplishing goals and even celebrating those small victories, we still find ourselves with two challenges –
  1. People find themselves short of time to dedicate their focus and energy towards the pursuit of happiness
  2. And those who pursue it directly, don’t know that studies have found, seeking happiness could make one more depressed.
We have a solution to both these challenges! Just like staring straight into the sun, discomforts our eyes, when the same rays are passed through a prism we get a spectrum of colours that we can savour. Pursuing happiness directly can usually backfire, instead we should focus on pursuing things that will lead to happiness.
Certified from Harvard’s happiness expert and renowned researcher in the field of Positive psychology and happiness studies. Our coaches will help you pursue happiness in a holistic sense that focuses on both internal and external whole-being with the help of SPIRE Model. SPIRE does to your wellbeing what respire does to your body.

World Happiness Index (India Ranking)

India ranked 139 out of 149 countries that participated in the UN World Happiness Report 2021

Our Calling

The pandemic has not just attacked people’s physical health, the aftermath has inflicted wounds on our mental health as well. According to a recent article by India Today, Covid’s second wave has sparked off a ‘fearodemic. People are afraid of dying, of losing their loved ones, of being alone, of losing their jobs anxieties that add a new dimension to mental health issues to the ongoing crisis.
We believe in providing an antidote to the ‘Fearodemic’ by brining focus on elevation of overall wellbeing and happiness.

Our Approach

Our coaching sessions will focus on SPIRE model, the acronym represents five parts of the whole-being: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational and emotional. All these encompasses on enabling important components of overall wellbeing and action items that will lead to happiness.
Sense of Meaning and presence in life
Need for physical activity, rest and right nutrition
Mind’s intellectual and creative pursuits with learning and curiosity.
Harmony with others, nature and yourself.
Dealing with painful emotions and cultivating pleasurable emotions.
How can we help you?

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