Happiness Coaching

Happiness and Wellbeing

From the standard of living to the entertainment options, many would claim that the current era is the happiest in history; even so, stress levels are on the rise and people are more unhappy, worried and anxious than ever before.
Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, the globe (particularly India) was/is plagued with a silent pandemic that undermines our mental health. India ranks a worrisome 139th on the world happiness index in 2021, despite the country’s strong economic performance; why is there a drop in happiness levels?
People claim that money can buy happiness, and we are told that if we work hard, we will be successful, and when we are successful, we will be happy. Sadly, this rat race mentality is one of the leading causes of unhappiness.
Our Aim – Lead the happiness revolution in India by assisting people in pursuing meaningful and happier lives.

Quest for Happiness

Am I happy?
What is happiness?
How can I be Happier?
Can I feel both sadness and happiness at the same time?

Why is happiness important at work?
Can we make our workplace happier?

These may be the questions for which you want answers.

World Happiness Index (India Ranking)

India ranked 139 out of 149 countries that participated in the UN World Happiness Report 2021

Need for Talent development

The epidemic’s impact has affected not only people’s physical health but also their mental health. According to a recent report from India Today, the second wave of Covid has created a “fearodemic.” People are anxious about dying, losing loved ones, being alone, and losing their employment, fears that add a new dimension to the current mental health crisis.
We believe in giving an antidote to the “Fearodemic” by emphasising the enhancement of overall well-being and happiness.

Happiness at Work

There are several obstacles to workplace happiness, which vary based on individual circumstances and the work environment. Common challenges include:-
  1. If a person believes that their job is unfulfilling, they may struggle to find meaning or purpose in their daily responsibilities.
  2. Interpersonal conflicts among coworkers can create an unpleasant and stressful work atmosphere.
  3. When job responsibilities become overwhelming, it can be challenging to find time for other vital elements of life, such as family, friends, and interests.
We have solutions to these challenges! It is essential to keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to these obstacles, and what causes one person stress and unhappiness may not have the same effect on another. It’s also important to recognise that happiness at work may vary from day to day and from person to person is essential. Individuals and organisations can strive towards establishing a culture of workplace happiness by addressing obstacles and cultivating a good work environment.
Certified by Harvard’s happiness specialist and a prominent researcher in Positive psychology and happiness studies. Using the SPIRE Model, our experts will assist you/your team in pursuing happiness in a comprehensive manner that focuses on both internal and outward well-being. SPIRE has the same effect on your health that breathing has on your body.

Happiness to YOU

While we all work diligently, setting and accomplishing goals, and even celebrating little triumphs, we still face two obstacles: –
  1. People have limited time to devote their attention and energy to the quest of happiness.
  2. And those who pursue happiness are unaware of the happiness paradox, according to studies, seeking happiness directly could make one more depressed.
We have a solution to both these challenges! Just like staring straight into the sun, discomforts our eyes, when the same rays are passed through a prism we get a spectrum of colours that we can savour. Pursuing happiness directly can usually backfire, instead we should focus on pursuing habits that will lead to happiness.

Our Approach

Our interventions will be centred on the SPIRE model, an acronym that depicts the five components of a person’s total being: spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional. All of the aforementioned entails facilitating vital aspects of well-being and activities that will lead to happiness.

Sense of Meaning and presence in life

Need for physical activity, rest and right nutrition

Mind’s intellectual and creative pursuits with learning and curiosity.

Harmony with others, nature and yourself.

Dealing with painful emotions and cultivating pleasurable emotions.