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A universally known fact in job market of India is the widening skill gap that exists between the desired skills the employers seek and the acquired skills amongst the new college graduates. It’s not the lack of opportunities that hurt the job seekers the most, it’s the lack of skills that fails the available opportunities. To solve this problem of skill gap, skill development is receiving a lot of attention from all sectors like employers, employees and the government. With unemployment rates growing steadily from 3.8% in 2011-12 to 5% in 2015-16, predominantly due to lack of skills and only 2.5% being the skilled workforce in the total employed personnel, the need to increase the ratio is crucial now to reduce unemployment and layoffs and we as an institutes aim at actively pursuing to contribute to the development.

“We are committed to helping others realise their intrinsic worth. If you feel the need for skills we are there to train you.”

We concentrate on individuals and their special needs as students and young aspirants to transform their personality and give them an edge above normal graduated candidates. What differentiates us is our approach and methods in our trainings which concentrates on quality in-house and outbound learning, giving our clients the unique reason to choose us.

Significance of Soft skills while hiring

60% employers feel soft-skills are very significant while hiring employees. Majority of them find it extremely difficult to find these skills. Source – Economic Times

Need for personality development

Soft skills are as important as academic ability, its significance is highly transparent in the current scenario:
  • Personality that matches industry needs.
  • Soft skills act as catalyst for career sustenance and growth.
  • Gives a strategic edge in choosing the right career.
  • Companies prefer candidates with right personality and skills
  • Mastering soft skills gives huge boost to self-confidence and express with ease.
  • Exhibit professional conduct and creating impactful first impression.

Our Model

We believe everyone has a purpose of existence and life becomes more meaningful and fruitful once we stumble on that discovery. Like wise, many of our programs help students identify themselves in terms of personality, behaviour and communication.
Our actions today impact our lives in days to come. Our future is utilised or wasted depending on how we empower our abilities. Likewise our programs helps students identity and execute essential skills which will make them efficient and effective with people, time and surroundings.
College life is meant to prepare for the important transition, from learn to earn. To introspect becoming a job seeker or provider, we help students design the plan of action to make the transition with relevant training on aspects of placement and entrepreneurship.

We aim for a Dynamic YOU

We are determined and focused to produce “DYNAMIC” results with our tailored programs
  • Discover – Development starts with discovery. We help students identify what is really within them. 
  • Yeasty – Just like the fermenting yeast, we help participants catalyse their personal development 
  • Noble – Ethical sense and morality are as important as any skill. Inculcate an ethical and  empathetic domineer 
  • Attitude  – Having the right attitude is our innate focus. 
  • Multifaceted – We are here to help cumulate multiple skills and make multifaceted personality.
  • Innovative – Change being a never ending phenomena, imbibe the innovation as the right life guard for change.
  • Competent – Ethical competency not only keeps you going but also keeps you growing. 

Contributors to Job Success

According to Research by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center.

Program Offering

Success Foundations

Placement Success

Communication Skills

Interpersonal Communication

College Life Balance

Public Speaking

Success Habits

Time Management

Decision Making

Resume Building

Group Discussions

Excel in Interviews

Leadership Skills

Creativity and Problem Solving

Image in Business

Personal Branding

Discover Yourself

Presentation Skills

Work-place Etiquettes

Business Networking

Stress Management

Team Work

Study Skills

Positive Outlook

Happiness Advantage

Civic Sense

Anger Management

Note – This is not an exhaustive list, your needs decide our focus.

How can we help you?

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“Our association is almost a decade now, the team at Institute of skills amplifies the right passion for making students skilled, employable and has helped us in placing students in their dream job year on year.”

Preeti Bhandary
Manager - Placements and Corporate Relations, Jain University,

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