Institute of Skills is the name of a committed group of excellence-oriented individuals. To facilitate the success of our customers, we engage in recruiting individuals with a strong passion to achieve and a thirst for knowledge. We are committed to developing our team and creating an environment conducive to fostering creativity and transformation. We prioritise the minimization of pressure and anxiety in order to foster clarity and creativity within the team.
We are a team with the common goal of assisting our clients in their personal and professional development. We are deeply committed to guiding and demonstrating to our audience how to prepare for and celebrate their future. We also recognise the necessity for coaching and mentoring to assist individuals in overcoming their professional and emotional difficulties. Thus, our clients are aware that we are in it together.
Institute of skills focuses not only on recruiting performance-oriented employees but also on developing them. It is crucial to us that our clients be satisfied and treated with the care and consideration they deserve.
We are seeking devoted trainers, coaches, and counsellors who can assist our clients in specific areas. Once we recognise someone’s potential and engage them, we provide them with an atmosphere in which they can realise their potential.

benefits and rewards

We treat our clients’ developmental concerns as if they were our own. We think and behave as training partners, as opposed to merely academic advisors/consultants. Thus, our clients are aware that we are in it together.

Professional development, personal influence, mentorship, and collaboration are a few of the advantages of a career at Institute of Skills.

open positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Social Media Sorcerer Bangalore, India Marketing January 31, 2023
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“Our association is almost a decade now, the team at Institute of skills amplifies the right passion for making students skilled, employable and has helped us in placing students in their dream job year on year.”

Preeti Bhandary
Manager - Placements and Corporate Relations, Jain University,

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