Is Personal Branding for YOU?

In a global population of more than 6 billion people, being unique, recognised and remembered is not an easy task to accomplish.  However, each of the 6 billion people ARE unique in their own way. It’s amazing to know that there can be 6 billion differences in the world and still there are riots on religious and communal differences. Anyways, when all the 6 billion people are unique in this world, then how come only a handful are known and are deemed to be eminent personalities and the others fall under the category of common people? The reason might be very simple.

There are ‘n’ number of businesses running all around the world. Uncountable shops and retail stores in and around our locality and beyond. The nearest grocery store, garments showroom or a hotel is not necessarily know to the world unless and otherwise it is Wal-Mart, Armani or Marriot. You won’t entering a footwear shop when there is Nike nearby and it provides the shoes for the same price as the other one. Because, ultimately it’s the “Brand”.
Who would a cricket academy invite as a chief guest if Sachin Tendulkar and a practicing cricketer are ready to attend the program? Obviously, it’s Sachin. Because Sachin is a brand and the other one is practicing to create his/her brand on the field. This is where branding is important.
When you brand yourself, you are unique and are no more in the congested category of common people. You’ve created your own brand in your field of interest and of course, all your innovations and ideas are recognised, valued, accepted and above all praised by the rest of the world. Hope, that is all you want. It is always advantageous to market ourselves and show people who we are. Because, that is the path for wide opportunities and those opportunities are the path to success. Ultimately, you want success with happiness right?
Of course, the answer will be “Yes” and without any delay you can start looking for every possible way to create and establish a brand. You can start looking for every possible way to start it. A strong and worthy beginning takes you along the whole process effortlessly.
As told before, the global population is 6 billion+. Let’s show our uniqueness before it soon turns to 6 billion++.

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