Need for Soft-skills

Books and curriculum guarantee knowledge and degree. What about success?

Success cannot be printed on papers. It has to be practiced. Books and curriculum gives you the reading material but soft skills and life skills enable you to pull them out of the papers and put it pragmatic. Scores are just the raw material. It has to be processed with skills to get a finished product. The hard skills though they teach you technical or any content intelligence, you need a complement to bring the intelligence live. A blend of both is what determines the level of success as a professional. All would agree with us that, it is your soft skills that make your hard skills shine.

“To become an able and successful person in any profession, three things are necessary – nature, study and practice.”– Henry Ward Beecher, Social Reformer and Speaker

Why train students on soft skills?

            Students are hired with their hard skills. But they can retain their jobs and grow in it only with soft skills. Today’s industry demands are the perfect combination of soft skills rather than hiking scores. When there is a wide gap between the required and acquired skills and the demand and supply, it becomes crucial to bridge the supply gap of required skills to meet the demand. When it is not bridged, the whole process is going to be stuck in a vicious circle where unemployment and underemployment take turn in the loops.

Soft skills Training is primarily essential for these reasons:

  1. To deliver quality man power or human capital to meet the current and future needs
  2. To increase employability of students and give them a competitive edge over their peers in the job market.
  3. To develop knowledge and skills of every individual to meet their personal and professional goals

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