Be a Dreamer

Everyone has real life dreams apart from the dreams that just picture in sleep. There are so many barriers to follow the dreams, especially the emotional barriers triggered by parents, relatives and society.Apart from all these, there is one important barrier. It is “us”.
Dreams are not just to be publicised to everyone but to be achieved in silence and make it have its own publicity. The realisation of dreams is what everyone aims for but not everyone works for. Due to multiple reasons, your hard work and time may be redirected to something else other than the field. The moment when you divert from your dreams and land on something else, you just start surviving rather than living. To live the life, to work like each day is the last day and to enjoy like each day is your first day, just follow your dreams.

The 16 Reasons why it’s important to follow your Dreams:

  • Dreams keep us alive. Keep us working continuously till we achieve it and even after that to pursue it. So, you end up in being busy which keeps you away from mere survival.
  • The happiness in accomplishing each small task, which is a progressive step towards your dream, motivates you to go further and dream bigger.
  • Dreams help you to identify yourselves, your purpose of life, where and how do you want to be.
  • People can stop your execution but not your imagination. Dreaming is imagining you in some higher place. Even if you have not executed anything initially, the dreams inside will always keep you ready to grab opportunities and stay with hope.
  • When you follow your dreams in a focused manner, you take up the challenges without any hesitation and that develops your courage. Your courage strengthens you at any kind of situation and never lets you give up.
  • Following dreams makes you appreciate your failures that showed new ways to reach success.
  • Dream itself is an amazing story. The path to follow dreams gives you more stories to cherish and share. The situations where you replenished your hopes, determination and courage is worth sharing with and motivating the others to help achieve their dreams.
  • Regrets and discouragements are as effective as encouragement. When you have regrets in mind for not following your dreams and discouraged before following your dreams, realise that your dream is far better and valuable than the regrets and discouragement and move on.
  • The beauty of dreaming is the expansion of dreams. Only when we desire more, we dream more. When we dream more, we achieve more. Dream is a healthy drug to yearn for more.
  • Dreams are meant to be laughed. When you have big dreams, it is essential that people laugh and criticise us. What better feeling of peace can be than to laugh at those who laughed at us? And so, start following your dreams and achieve it.
  • Dreams can never be sheepish. Following an already drawn line is not following a dream. Dreams are meant to be unusual and breaking every stereotype to prove its reality.
  • For unusual dreams, your path has to be unusual. If you love breaking the rules, then dreams are the best way to enjoy doing it.
  • Dreams help in self-realisation. But they never let you stay at the point of identification. Dreams keep pushing you till you expel out of your boundaries and make something possible which was once “impossible” to you.
  • Dreams will bring you fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety need not be barricading always. They can be a warning sign to help you choose the right path without having to fall to the bottom of the pit and start all over again.
  • “If you want something all by your heart, the whole world helps you in achieving it”- A line from Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. Dreams brings you contacts and relationships whom you can rely on for support and build rapport.
  • Normal people are the most dull people. Interesting things happen only with weird people who dare to have weird dreams and make it a reality.

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