Do you Multi-task?

Are you wondering who would be such a nerd to make a mistake in writing a simple proverb and display it on the title in big, bold fonts? Or, you were actually able to interpret the meaning in the transposition? Then, you must be enlightened in this concept already. As a last option, have you missed out the mistake and looking back at the title now? If you say yes to this, then you were probably MULTI-TASKING. Multitasking need not be like actually doing multiple jobs. Maybe you were thinking about some other task to be performed and your concentration was not on what you’re doing right now. And this article is especially for you.

The millennials believe strongly that “multi-tasking” is a strength. The word “multi-tasking” has occupied a place even in your resumes. And it’s time to remove it. Neuro-science researches prove that multi-tasking actually reduces productivity and it has turned out to be a weakness rather than a strength, breaking all your beliefs. When there is just one of your favourite sandwich in your table, you thoroughly enjoy it and have a hearty meal. But, when there are different sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, drinks etc. you probably had a lot of varieties, tasted all of your favourites but cherished nothing completely and it was not a hearty meal just a plain meal which was dumped in your stomach. The same problem is with multi-tasking.

When you multi-task you are not concentrating on one task. The ability to multi-task might appear to be a faster way of accomplishing them but definitely not an effective and productive way. Switching from one task to another is just another phrase for “distraction”. A distraction never yields fair productivity. A solid proof is already in the very first paragraph of this article.

The new trend is “single-tasking”, which can also be termed as “mono-tasking” but sounds drab like “monotonous”. So, to channel the meaning towards the synonyms like “focus”, “attention”, “productivity”, the term “single-tasking” can be used. Single-tasking is the ability to pour all your attention to one task at a time and complete it diligently and effectively. We might have the desire to be “multi-talented’. But to be multi-talented is not just to know few keywords related to each talent. It is actually to be able to perform each talent to an acceptable level. If you are multi-tasking in a desire to be multi-talented then you are losing your ability in every talent and even end up in not knowing which one is your first and real passion. Ultimately, you be a Jack of all trades and a Master of none.

So, if you are a multitasker start practicing single-tasking and tell your interviewer that your strength is focusing on one task at a time and bringing out the best results.

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