“Empty” can give you a “master piece”

“An empty canvas is always the best space to create something.”

Most of us, at some point of time have felt that we are good at nothing and we feel empty, unable to pick the direction in which we want to travel. Your mind voice might start feeling anxious about the fact that the destination and path have not yet been decided to pick the direction. But, what if there is a hope to think that is good?

Honestly, there is no better place to create a master piece than an empty space and it is also the right time when it is empty. “Empty” has another word called “clear”. That’s where you work but how?

  1. Make it more empty– There is a difference between being “empty” and being “cluttered”. Emptiness calls you to fill the space. Clutter dumps you in it and pulls your leg. So, clear the clutter first to make more space.
  2. Be a cartographer– An artist mind sketches the work he/ she is going to create. You will do the same. Remember, if you are not mapping, the cleared clutter is again going to occupy your space and you have it start it all over again. Make sure your map makes sense.
  3. Start, no matter what– If you feel satisfied with your plan, then you must’ve considered all the obstacles and opportunities besides minor things which are not capable of putting the task to wait. So, just START it. If you’re not able to start, then your plan is not satisfactory. If it’s not satisfactory, go back to the previous step again and stay till you find a way.
  4. Take breaks– Have you tried to get up from bed early in the morning and failed when it was a working day but succeeded when it is a holiday? The same theory works here. All successes come at the least expected and most relaxed moments. Taking a break will let you stare at your stupidities, if any and modify them into the actual master piece you planned.
  5. But resume from them– Short and regular breaks can be really productive but highly destructive if prolonged. So, make sure that you don’t stay at your breaks with the excuse of making remarkable discoveries. Only when there is constant work, there are remarkable discoveries.
  6. Don’t be monotonous– The current moment is not going to be the same forever. Every current moment is changing. Move productively along the change.
  7. Stop being a perfectionist– You can’t be an automated machine who draws an exact pre-determined shape or structure. You just can’t be perfect. When you search for perfectionism at each step you are missing out the beauty and endless other possibilities those imperfections can lead to. Perfectionism is the enemy of progress and success. Time is money. Perfectionism robs your time.

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