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Leadership is a form of art, an art anyone can learn and practice to any degree if agreed to lead AND follow. Leadership is differentiated from dominance by this one component.Leaders do not think on single side. Sunny side up doesn’t work out here. It is about considering, evaluating and balancing both the sides. The art of balance leads the art of leadership. Any form of mastery requires time and effort. Listed below are few steps you can use to master the Art of Leadership.

The 7 Ways to Develop the Art of Leadership:

  • Recognise- Recognition serves as a good booster to build relationships and win the credibility of your followers. Recognise the right person and encourage them to follow your lead to become a leader.
  • Realise- Realise the fact that although leadership is a craft, it is not rocket science.  Leadership is a slow process and it demands patience. Leadership knows not to erupt out with a challenging task but to sprout from all the basics effectively.
  • Remember-Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you!”  Most leaders barely remember the bronze rule, let alone The Golden Rule. Empathy is the benchmark symbol of leadership where you feel people and figure out how to treat them and cater to their needs and issues in a fair manner. Apart from leadership rules and guidelines, humanity stands above rules sometimes.
  • Replicate-Replication is an unlikely word to leadership which doesn’t allow place for innovation. But replication here is not about repetition of same or imitation, it is to find out “What Works, When and How:” and replicating it for the further situations with necessary alterations. And to find out the right element of replication you need to remove replication and insert innovations.
  • Resurrect-Resurrect a member in your team when they are in a dying position and still deserve an opportunity. Opportunities when given to the right person can bring a tremendously surprising result and pride to you as well as everyone. Not only the pride of results but also respect and value for you for your act of resurrection.
  • Reproduce – Leadership does not stop with one person. If it does, there was no leadership and now there is only hierarchy. Hierarchy can never define and pinpoint to the right leader. Real leadership always leads to future leaders and carves a path to every dead end. Start reproducing new leaders and adopt new leadership styles.
  • Reinvent-This is the former step to replicate where you get tired of previous replications, change course, be innovative and reinvent the same structure to fit a new case and carry on replicating the invention in future till you arrive at the next experiment to reinvent.

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