Life through Games

Games, though are different from generation to generation by design, the fascination is same always. And the excitement the games bring is never restricted by age.It might be common to relate games with childhood but it doesn’t mean that the adults are distanced from it. The priority we give to games can change over age but the impact and lessons and rules of games remain the same forever in real life.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” goes a proverb. If so, there is something in games that makes Jack an active boy. The term “active” is always associated with “physical activity” and that was what the games of early age stimulating and strengthening. But now, the whole style has changed to play store and play stations which are blamed for laziness of children, eyesight problems, addictions etc.

But, what if we have not yet concentrated on the positive side? We are missing the perspectives of different angles and that is what these virtual games offer. The rightly designed and catered virtual games can be associated to “mental activity”. It actually boosts the mind.

When realistic and virtual games have their own positive results, let us look down to see what any game teaches us.

Focus– Multitasking can be a strength in the fields where you don’t need expertise but definitely not in your ambitions and where you have to stand out. If you want expertise and excel in something you need to focus with a full single mind and not sharing the parts of your brain work to various tasks. That is what happens in a game. A game need not necessarily be the area of expertise but it is the lab for practicing the habit of “focus” to win.

Hold on– Games have a choice of winning or losing but your mind doesn’t. Your mind never takes up “losing” as a choice but as a potential threat. So, obviously you are left with no choice but to win. When winning is a compulsion you won’t give up and surrender but keep on trying and figuring out every possible way to win the game and THEN walk out with cheers.

Failures– There is no success that hasn’t crossed the points of failures and a gamer knows that very well. Each failure is a diversion arrow towards the success and in a game, success strategies pour out for each failure. Even if the game is lost ultimately, the player who lost does not stay stagnant at the point but keeping moving from a fresh start and that is the spirit a game develops within.

Team work– Virtual games also have their own team games genre where it is important to help others win for you to win the game. Lending a hand to someone and help them come out of the complicated situation is essential to have a progress in the game and even if you lose the game because of the team member, you take up the leadership to lead them in the next game. So, games are the initial sources of leadership.

Fun– What else other than games can teach you fun through the path of achievement? The common thought is hard work and tolerance of difficulties only can lead to success. A successful person has to go through few miserable situations. That is true, but the way we take up those situations as challenges can really make the game interesting and enable us to get through it with fun.

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