Success a catalyst to Failure?

“Success can be a catalyst for failure”

You must’ve heard of the proverb “Failure is the stepping stone for success”. But, the vice versa must be a bit skeptical for you. Have you done a skilful task successfully once and have struggled to continue it further successfully with the same perfection and care? The best example can be the “New Year Resolution” which loses its resolve by January.

The problem is not just consistency but also the pride we take up in achieving small steps. You must remember the very famous story of the “Race between the hare and the tortoise”. When we succeed, we stop at that point and waste a lot of time in rejoicing, celebrating and cherishing it. The successful attempts might be a motivation for few more attempts but it starts to degenerate at a point. So, your real success is actually your ability to go beyond the saturation point. Before that, to set the saturation point far to reach.

When you are sturdy enough to move consistently towards a high saturation point, picking up courage and continuity becomes handy after that. Something has to be noted here too. Like how, every success is not going to be the same, every approach to success is also not going to be the same. Creating innovation and adapting to the new course is as important as maintaining consistency.  A series of successes is what we call “achievement”. Aim towards massive “achievements” and accumulate your multiple successes without being stopped by the very first one or the first few ones.

When it comes to achievement, it is possible that you can have a lot of “achievements” with NO SUCCESS. Quite senseless this line is. But, let me tell you what. The real value of success is when you are actually clear with the “why?” When you know the purpose of your success, it has a meaning to be achieved. When there is meaning to it you will have worthy success successors. But, when “something” replaces “success”, there is no bond between you and your success. You will keep on achieving, but when you turn back and see “why?” you will find that you have lost your purpose of life.

Ultimately, it’s going to be the purpose you had at the beginning. The “why?” you had answered at the beginning that has to flourish forever in different perspectives and as an expression of all your styles that transform with time. The base line is to not be deceived by the happiness and pride of one success you reach in your life for Success is not a destination, but a journey. If you are not able to succeed the first time, there might be multiple reasons possibly which you are not responsible for. But, if you are not able to succeed after the first success, then the problem is definitely with YOU. You and You alone are responsible and you alone can change the course back to success.

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