Success is a Journey

The interpretation of the word “success” is often termed to be the “destination” through the path of hard work, dedication, trials, failures, luck, opportunities etc. But it is not that all. Success never stops and it runs all the way through even after the accomplishment of the mission. The real success of success is at the stage when it “remains” as a success and “progress”. So, success as it was reached through a journey, it is also a journey continued forever. Success doesn’t have a dead end at all. Only, the successors who take it up have.

When the process of growth and development is never ending, you need the right renewable resources to keep the pace going and soft skills are absolutely the replenishing resources. So, you need to keep on navigating the journey of success with soft skills. The major difference between knowledge and skills is that knowledge is standard because they are facts. It is possible to obtain knowledge on different topics but the knowledge of one topic cannot have multiple dimensions. Whereas, we can have polymorphism with skills to suit different situations and that is what makes the skills more important than knowledge. The journey of success takes you through different paths with all twists and turns and through all types of terrains, smooth and coarse. Altering and using the skills according to the navigated path is more important than anything to follow your journey.

Success has to be a journey because the common fascination for travelling these days due to the thirst of learning the real world and real people with self-realisation. That is how the journey of success takes us through different paths of learning and helping us to realise our capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and forcing us to design new strategies to achieve success and adapt to the changes after the achievement of success to keep it up and cope up with innovations that results in coming up with innovations where other successful people take turn to cope up with ours.

So, when it comes to success never stop at the destination of failure point. At the moment of success, you choose either to progress through the journey of success or regress through the journey of failure.

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